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The Male-Female Communication Gap in Action

Do you need a laugh today? Whether you’re a male or female, married or unmarried, in a relationship or not — I have no doubt you’ll be able to appreciate this video.


About The Birkman Method

As I mentioned in my Overview of Personality Types, The Birkman Method is my assessment of choice. It’s a powerful instrument that goes beyond most other assessments. The Birkman Method grew from Dr. Roger Birkman’s fascination with the topic of perception. He spent many years exploring the phenomenon of perception , and how that affects […]

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Borrowing Behaviors

From time to time, we find our neighbor in our garage, “lifting” a tool he needs to complete a job, or snagging the lawn edger that we share. Likewise, I’ve been known to use my extra key and slip into their house when they’re gone, to borrow a canned good from the pantry. Borrowing — […]

An Overview of Personality Types

Personality typing dates back to the ancient Greeks, who initiated the concept of four basic personality types, or temperaments. Today, advances in behavioral science offer us keen new insights into why we behave the way we do, and how our basic makeup affects our work, our relationships, and the choices we make. These original four […]